00 Glossary
This is an version of the ReSource Whitepaper (V1.0) - outdated since 09/2021. Please find the new version here Mutual Credit - A multilateral exchange network, in which endogenously created money serves as medium of exchange. Please refer to chapter two for further definitions.
The ReSource Protocol - A DLT protocol, launched on the CELO blockchain, providing a comprehensive toolbox for the creation of diverse, interoperable distributed mutual credit systems.
The ReSource Network - The first network built on the ReSource protocol, addressing global SMBs, freelancers and startups.
rUSD - A stablecoin serving as the ReSource Networkโ€™s unit of account.
SOURCE - The Protocolโ€™s governance token, used to underwrite loans, pay network fees, and participate in protocol as well as network governance. While rUSD is native to the ReSource Network, SOURCE serves all Networks built on the ReSource protocol.
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