6.1 Introduction

The interaction of Protocol agents with each other and with the Protocol’s code base is facilitated by a series of decentralized Web3 applications.

The Underwriting dApp allows Underwriters to find new applicants, analyze their credit risk, place corresponding bids, and repackage the accounts of underwritten members into Staking Pools.

The Pool Aggregator allows SOURCE holders to study and select Staking Pools created by Underwriters, stake their SOURCE, and collect staking rewards.

The Ambassador dApp allows Ambassadors to onboard new members, track the activity of existing members affiliated with them, and intervene if suboptimal activity or nearing defaults are detected.

On the ReSource Debt Market, third parties can participate in Dutch auctions in which the legal rights to uncollectible accounts are being sold.

Finally, the ReSource Marketplace scrapes the internet to find all items priced in and sold for RSD to aggregated all purchasing opportunities for RSD holders.

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