7.7 “Pay with ReSource"

In order to accommodate for existing mutual credit networks, ReSource is developing a "Pay with ReSource" tool to allow these networks to integrate directly into the ReSource Protocol.

The tool mimics that of Google Pay or Paypal, enabling these networks to checkout with ReSource and pay with RSD with a simple drop-in UI.


  • Authenticate with ReSource

  • Server vends a JWT

  • Client can fetch a key into the local browser instance

  • User effectuates transfer of funds ("pay with resource") on the website

  • Use the local browser key to sign the transaction locally

  • ReSource balance reflects the purchase

With Pay with ReSource, members of both existing mutual credit networks and networks built on ReSource can leverage their inner network balance to purchase outer networks goods and services.

This enables a mutual credit Venmo-like system, where anyone can hold a positive ReSource dollar balance and can spend so long as their balance is above zero. Only those with a credit limit can spend into the negative mimicking that of a gift card.

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