7.3 The Marketplace

In order to facilitate trade between members of the network, we created the marketplace interface to allow members to browse and interact within a platform which is typical to that of any marketplace. W designed the system in a way such that other marketplaces and networks could transact between one another,

We built the system to allow for network operators to decide which plugins/extensions or protocols they would include in their offering of the platform. Each marketplace has a unique set of business requirements such that no one platform could meet all of them.

The marketplace acts as a window into the network, housing products and services offered within the network. Each marketplace is merely a curation of items hosted by the network operator. It facilitates the transfer of funds from one member to another and allows trade to take place. Each listing is created and managed by a member of the network. Each member manages the publishing, order fulfillment, price negotiation, and payment of their own listings.

On top of what's been previously discussed, the intention of the ReSource team, with the help of the community, is to develop a fully open-source marketplace interface that future network operators can utilize or use as an example to create and deploy a network of their own.

It is the responsibility of the network operator to maintain and operate their network and marketplace. We have designed the first interface such that for each aspect of a traditional marketplace, we have made possible the option to extend the interface as needed to suit each specific network's requirements.

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