6.4 The ReSource Marketplace

The ReSource Marketplace is the Protocol's end user–facing interface on which members can utilize their credit lines, trade goods, and services in an Amazon/eBay-like environment, and transact RSD remittances.

The marketplace includes internal accounting services that help members settle taxes and a first-of-its-kind non-custodial wallet solution, which allows users to login via password/username without keys and without requiring storage by third parties.

As of the ReSource Raven release, the Marketplace will transition into a "Google Shopping"-like environment, which scrapes the internet to find all items purchasable for RSD. ReSource users will not have to entertain a separate storefront on the Marketplace, but will rather find their RSD-purchasable listings from other environments, such as shopify, etsy, etc, automatically listed on the ReSource Marketplace.

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